04 June 2007

A booger of a week

Comps reading bogged down somewhat this week. A bronchiolitis-sick, steroid-raging two-year-old will do that to a person.

I am back into Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed Tradition today. I'm hoping that the Ooze thread picks up, but if not, I think it'll be a valuable book for me to have read anyway.

I'm also reading back through volume one of Copleston's History of Philosophy and have purchased used copies of volumes two and three. I figure it'll give me a working background (if not a specialist's knowledge) of the philosophy leading up to Milton, and since Copleston is a Jesuit, I don't have to wade through tirades against "religion."

That's about it right now. Having watched all the movies about which we're excited right now, Mary and I are receiving the first season of Project Runway from Blockbuster in the mail and, after watching them, trading them for the first season of Rome in-store. Quite a contrast.

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