13 August 2007

Three Days More

Well, the new school year is upon me.

Tomorrow I go in for EMMA re-orientation so that I can be slightly less lost than my freshmen when they submit their papers. Then I'm going to start Sidney's Arcadia.

Wednesday I go in to help with new TA orientation, assisting bright young teachers as they learn to grade with hard heads and soft hearts. Or at least to get away with arbitrariness.

Then Thursday, at 8:00 AM, another round of Plato's Republic kicks off. I've already contacted my students via email, added them all to my WebCT section, created an EMMA space for them, and gotten two lesson plans outlined.

Once we get into some Plato texts, expect about two posts a week for the course of the semester. Teaching Republic last year led me to all kinds of good thoughts, and I imagine similar things will happen this year.

That's right, readers! Come back!

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