24 May 2007

Messin' with Plato

Those last Radical Orthodoxy summaries might or might not come soon.

Along with Jeff and Robert from the Ooze, I'm now working my way through Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed Tradition, and the debate is wonderful. Given the utter confidence with which Milbank and company plow through their books, it's nice to read some theology and philosophy professors punching back. I'm not entirely comfortable with some of their conclusions, and I'm almost certain that James K.A. Smith reads Plato's Republic wrong, but I'm sure all that will come out in the Ooze thread.

In another wonderful development, I've found many moments of resonance between the Platonist C.S. Lewis's English Literature in the Sixteenth Century and the Platonist John Milbank in his The Word Made Strange.

I've also finally defragged my laptop's hard drive into submission, and I now have a dual-boot Windows/Linux machine. I plan to do most of my work in the latter, but for Mary's sake (she uses it too, after all), I kept the Windows partition up and running. There's an undeniable, geeky feeling when the Ubuntu screen comes up and I start writing in Open Office.

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