18 May 2007

Plowing Through

I've finished Radical Orthodoxy and should write synopses of some of the major essays tomorrow. Now I'm about a quarter of the way into Milbank's The Word Made Strange, which I hope to finish before Mary gets done with her school year--it's a book that takes some solitude and some time to read.

Right now I've got a copy of C.S. Lewis's monster book on 16th century English literature out from the library, and I'm going to let it serve as a counterweight (and it has some serious counterweight--it makes quite an impressive noise when I drop it on the counter!) to Greenblatt's early new historicist collection on Renaissance drama.

I'm also reading through some Beaumont and Fletcher plays, and they're lovely diversions from the weight of literary scholarship and post-critical theological essays.

All in all, my first forays into comps-reading promise good things ahead.

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